About us

Firstly we would like to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding. Here at Signature weddings we offer cinematic wedding videography across Ireland. We are passionate about using our skills to portrait your story on the magical occasion that is your wedding day.

We love creating a cinematic film for you to hold all your precious memories of the day and relive them with your family. A wedding film is the best way to remember the feeling of walking down the aisle, to listen to all the stories told in the speeches, to watch your dads eyes light up as you enter the room in your wedding dress, to rewatch your first dance as a married couple and so many more special and intimate moments from the day.


We pride ourselves on being discreet and unobtrusive in order to capture a more natural depiction of your day, however as this is a cinematic style wedding film the story of the day must make sense and some subtle direction may be given in order to enhance the overall production. We use four 4k cameras to capture the day so you can watch back all the special moments in stunning quality.

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The Small Details

We pride ourselves on capturing all the small moments that you will miss on the day. We love looking out for all the small details that make your day special for you and we make sure to capture all of these. We will provide you with a film that you can keep and rewatch for the rest of your lives.