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Screen Grabs

Firstly let me say that I will always recommend a photographer (I have a list I can send you) BUT in saying that I do understand that people are different and peoples wants are different so I want to try and cater for everyone! 

Some couples would rather the photos over the video, some couples want photos & the video and some couples would rather the video over the photo's! This is where my screen grab package comes in! If you are a couple who would rather the video more than photos but would still like some images of the day this might work for you! I offer two screen grab packages, one has roughly 50 images and one has roughly 150 images!

Package One - 50 - 100 images | €250

This package is most often purchased after the couple have watched the video, they see moments in the video that they would like to have as images.


Package Two - 150 - 200 images | €500 (must be booked before the wedding day)

This package is for the couple who would rather a video of their big day but would still like some images, in this package you will get images from throughout the day, from the morning prep to the couples shoot to family images!

Please note that the images you would get from a professional photographer would be of a higher quality but as I shoot everything in 4k my screen grabs are still to a very good quality, you can see examples below.

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