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City Hall Dublin Wedding Video

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We were booked only a few weeks away from the wedding date but we were very excited as it was our first Dublin city centre wedding and to top it off it was in the amazing and iconic City Hall. Jessica was a pleasure to deal with and when we had our video call and we met Ben we knew it was going to be a fun day out! As it was our first City Hall wedding we really wanted to capture the atmosphere of the city, we told Jess & Ben our idea for the video and they loved it!

It was an amazing December morning, the sun was shining and we took to the streets of Dublin to capture the hustle & bustle, you can see this in the wedding film, it really sets the mood and really shows off the city. Jess & Ben were getting ready in the stunning Weston Hotel, then from there we took the short trip to City Hall and wow, the venue screams class, the staff in City Hall were extremely helpful and it was such a lovely experience working there! After the ceremony we took to the streets to get some footage outside of city hall and the results speak for themselves, the backdrop of City Hall mixed with city life really made for some amazing footage! We then took a very short walk up to Dublin Castle for some more shots before taking the trip into Grafton Street!!! Ok, so think about this for a second, we had the most amazing day, it was a fresh crisp evening, it's December, all the Christmas lights are up, the atmosphere is absolutely amazing and we are on Grafton Street, Jess, Ben the bridal party and the lovely Katie Kav! By the way Katie was the photographer and my tour guide basically, she is an amazing photographer and a pleasure to work with! So back to Grafton street...... all I can say is that it was something very special and great fun! You can see some screen grabs here from the video and if you head to our Youtube you can see the video in 4k

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