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Waterford Castle Wedding Video

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Jade and John’s wedding video brought me to the fantastic Waterford Castle Hotel and Golf Resort. Waterford Castle is located on a 310 acre private island only accessible via a private car ferry. Waterford Castle is just ten minutes from Waterford City centre and is a jewel in Irelands Ancient East. The historic Waterford Castle hosts stunning, spacious grounds with an elegant and luxurious 16th century interior. These are all reasons why I love to shoot our wedding videos at Waterford Castle!

I packed the car up and headed for Waterford Castle where I basked in the delight of a trip on the car ferry only adding to the magic and romance of this fairytale wedding set in this beautiful castle. I first went to John located in one of the lodges on the island where him and his groomsmen were getting ready. We were surprised to see a cute, furry little best man all dressed for the occasion (Woof)! Once I captured John in all his finery we made our way back to Waterford Castle itself to join Jade and the bridal party to shoot the ever important bridal preparations.

As seen in the wedding video trailer, the Moet was flowing as the girls took selfies and chatted the morning away. All the while I like a wedding ninja, blended in as I admired the beautiful wedding dress, accessories and flowers.

The Wedding Ceremony brought me to Waterford Castle’s ever luxurious main room. I am always in awe at this fabulous venue and room every time I shoot a wedding video here. This wedding ceremony had so many fantastic, memorable moments that I’m sure Jade and John will love looking back on in their wedding video.

It was a typical Irish spring day as the weather was ever changing! We still managed top get out and get some fabulous shots of the amazing grounds that surround Waterford Castle. The greenery and colour provided by the flowers really adds something special to any wedding video! I was able to catch some beautiful, intimate shoots of the new mr and mrs as the sun peaked through the clouds which created such a romantic cinematic wedding film.

As we headed back in, Waterford castle was alive with music and the chatter of guests, is there any better atmosphere then that of a wedding drinks reception! I couldn’t resist getting some shots of Jade and John amongst the stunning, romantic decor Waterford castle host. After the meal Jade and John took to the dance-floor for their first dance closely followed by their friends and family who happily joined them in busting a move! This one was an easy wedding video as the lively crowd, beautiful bride and groom and fabulous Waterford castle all meant for a wedding video that has it all!

Check the wedding trailer & wedding video on our Youtube channel

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